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Sad to Report – Mrs. Stanley-Brown’s Passing

David wrote me (Margaret) to say that his Mom, Jeanne Stanley-Brown passed away on  February 10, 2022. The family was by her side and she died peacefully. She was 94 years old.

I always remember Mrs. Stanley-Brown as being a dynamic woman who loved her family and her friends. And please read her memorial – she was so involved in so many things!! What a lady!

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A Roslyn Road Reunion!

It was wonderful to meet up with Bob Daly and Trisha Daly Hernandez in Kennebunkport, ME recently.  Bob lives in Portland, ME  and Trisha was visiting from North Carolina.  They drove down to my neck of the woods (Tom and I moved from MA to Kennebunkport last year.)  Great to see you two!  Too bad I missed Joanne by one day.  Next time.

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Ridgewood Baseball Assoc. – Our Neighborhood Team

A new old photo. Circa 1965? What a team! My father Sam Silvers is the dad on the right. Whose dad is on the left? My mother annotated this photo with: Emo [McDaniel], Phillip Knies, Rob, Reed. But, I don’t think Phillip is there. Robbie Silvers is third from the left, first row, Reed Silvers is first from the right, first row. Where’s Emo? Who are the others? Is Ricky Knies second from the right, second row? Who’s the catcher? Please chime in. 

Thank you to Rick McDaniel who chimed in: My father is back row left and Emo is front row first on the left.  And Hank Henckler confirmed that Ricky Knies is standing second from the right. 

[Click photo for enlargement.]

Fathers: Mr. Larry McDaniel, Mr. Sam (Earl) Silvers
Standing (l-r): ?, ?, ?, Ricky Knies 
Front Row (l-r): ?, Emo McDaniel, Robbie Silvers, ?, Reed Silvers



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New Photos! Kids at Knieses Hill and Father-Son Weekend!

Hello everyone!  It’s been a while since my last post.  Thank you to Barbara Knies Sell for sending some classic photos.  One of a gang at Knieses front yard skiing/sledding hill, and three from a Father-Son Weekend up in Maine at the Silvers’ cottage.

I have posted small photos below.  And, if you CLICK HERE or click on any one of the photo captions, you will be brought to a page with larger versions.

Left-to-right:  Reed Silvers, Peter Silvers, Margaret Silvers, Robbie Silvers, Bobby Bennett, Bob Daly, Trisha Daly, Joanne (Jo-Jo) Daly, Tim Daly

Stan Knight, Robbie Silvers, Karey Samson, Ricky Knies, Hank Henckler, Bobby Bennett

Mr. Knight (Bill), Mr. Henckler (Henry), Stan and Reed

Mr. Silvers (Sam)

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Draw the Beatles Contest – 1964

Hello everyone – This photo is from Facebook – Vintage Ridgewood, New Jersey from Mary Zisk.  I don’t know her, or anyone in the picture.  But Dan Ingram!  Wow!!


It reminds me of this photo from Beverly Benz – any of the same people?


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The Water Tower that Led to Salem Ridge

Who remembers?  Back in 1958 a looming water tower was built.  It was 160 feet tall and was an ugly eyesore in our new little neighborhood. The parents pulled together, hired a lawyer, and fought the tower.  They won!  I have four or five articles on the topic with a couple of photos,  Should I post more?  Let me know!

Does anyone remember the tower?

Click here for full pdf article

water tower

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No Space Like Home and the Baby Party Redux

Below is a post from 2009.  I had linked to a page of 1969 images which  included the parent/teacher fundraiser show, ‘No Space Like Home’ , some neighborhood pictures, and a parent party where they all dressed up like babies.  That page was taken down when Comcast took away free space.  So, I have revived it and put it in a new place.  Below is a partial reprint of the original post:


Big break through today!  Thanks to Hank Henckler‘s detective work – in his mother’s attic? – we have over 50 pictures of the play, “No Space Like Home”.


Not only are there vintage photographs of that great theatrical evening, but they also come with wild photos of  what must have been a “dress up as a baby” grown-up party????  Whoa!

And vintage impressions of Roslyn Road, including the rising water tower which galvanized the neighborhood into community action!  An association was born – Salem Ridge Association.  It’s mission – to “tear down the tower”.  And it was done.

One last picture is from Hank’s wedding (I think).   Check out photo #58.  Silvers and Dalys.

Included in this posting are players’ and backstage technicians’ credits, and don’ t miss the blog posting at the “class of ’67” blog, highlighting the program cover, credits, and sponsors.

Please e-mail me with grown-up identifications.

Thank you Hank!

Cheers!   Margaret

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Mr. Harrison’s 1969 6th grade class

Kathy Wescott Burke submitted the Mr. Harrison photo and I assumed it was already in this blog, but it’s not.  Here it is!  Click on photo for larger image.

harrison 69 class

Back Row: Cindy Ward, Sarah Avery, Guy Guido, John Brevoort, Trisha Daly, Mr. Harrison, George Yakowicz, Brad Jones, Jimmy Duerbeck, Cheryl DeGrouchy, Judy Willson
Middle Row: Linda Kinchley, Amy Vest, Debbie Reagan, Cindy Pomery, Colette Katz, Kathy Wescott, Pam Morton
Front Row: Brian Lally, Steve Hartman, Chris Schmitt, Paul Pettofrezzo, Ken Li, Chris Leyden.

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What Was Your Signature in 1969?

Thank you Bryan Krueger for sending in this treasure!  Our ‘Class of ’69’ class picture with corresponding signatures.  Below are thumbnails.  Go ahead and click on the images to see the larger versions.  I hope you find your signature!

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Mr Barr’s 6th Grade Class Glen School, Ridgewood NJ – 1958-59

This was submitted by Betty Dawson:

I was able to scan the photo of our 6th grade class and have attached it.  Fortunately, way back then, I had a little foresight and on the back of the photo had written everyone’s name.  Who knew that would come in so handy all these years later.  I have attached that list also.
While looking through some of the blogs that you’ve posted I came across a couple of pictures of my brother in his Cub Scout uniform.  I sent them on to him, along with the link to the blog, and – needless to say – he was surprised to see them.  I recall your brother’s name and that he was a few years younger than my brother.  Ed was part of “The Three Amigos” – him, Craig Gardner, and Ian Biggi.  They were inseparable back in those days.
Mr Barr's 6th Grade Class Glen School, Ridgewood NJ - 1958-59

Mr. Barr’s 6th Grade Class – Glen School, Ridgewood NJ – 1959

Standing Left-to-Right

Beverly Benz                                                                                                      Seated

Lynn Evangel                                                                      Barbara O’Brien                                Ted Brack

Betty Dawson                                                                    Dan Hazen                          Marilyn Kniep

Cheryl Ludwig                                                                    Roseann Andres               Richard Brookman

Gary Matthews                                                                                Alan LaFirina                       Ginger Dusel

Karen Mitchell                                                                                  Absent – Bob Baker

Susan Holmes

Jim Balow                                                                            Teacher – Dixon A. Barr

Richard Bond                                                                     Principal – Arthur V. Linden

Dick Durkeimer

John Leyden

Jeff McLaren

Eddie Winfield

John Lindquist

Ray Fesmier

Barbara Millow

Ginny Sharp

Kathy Winfield


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