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The 6th Grade Boy-Girl Party – Spring, 1969

Remember this one?  The first boy-girl party??  I thought I had the invitation , but can’t find it.  Mimeographed????  Title “Boy Girl Party?

Thank you to John Brevoort for hosting the party and for sending me this photo.  We think we have everyone identified:

In the back, left to right: Judy Wilson, Trisha Daly, Cheryl DeGruchy, Cindy Pomeroy, Lis Ege, Scott Yates, John Brevoort, Brad Jones, Jeff Davis, Chris Leyden, Debbie Reagan, Linda Kinchley, Byran Kreuger

In the front, left to right: Amy Vest, Pam Morton, Sally Reese, Mitch Perdue, Karen Stewart, Sue Crowe, Cindy Ward, Margaret Silvers, Doug Terhune.

boy-girl party 1969

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Mysteries from Barbara Knies Sell

Can anyone help identify these pictures?  I’m also going to post them on Facebook – just my regular page.   I will email everyone, and link to this pose and these pictures:

  1. left to right it’s Roy Teasley, Eddie Dawson, Phillip K,
    Duffy Smith and not Rickey K. 2nd  picture could be Ian Biggi. (from Hank Henckler)


2. ?  Pat Turnbull suggests Ian Biggi?


3. Ricky is 3rd from left?


4. ? Must have been Easter?


5. ?


6. 2nd from left = Bobby Bennett, far right, 1st on right = Stan Knight (from Hank Henckler)


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Beverly Benz is a Leader – Even Way Back When

From Beverly:

In 1961 I decided to put on a play with all of the kids in the neighborhood – “The Snow Queen”

After assembling the cast and assigning parts, I convinced the fabric store in town (name?) to give us free fabric for costumes which I then distributed to the mothers of each performer to make the costume. The Ridgewood News agreed to print 200 tickets for $5, which my brother Obie, Craig Gardner and Ricky Goat sold for $.50 each. I also talked (how, one wonders) Glen School into letting me use the auditorium for the evening performance. A high school girl a few blocks away agreed to play the piano.

Mrs. Stanley-Brown, next door, noticed on the day before the event that one thing was missing. We had never rehearsed. So she organized us into an all day rehearsal in our back yard and a song practice at our piano.

The show was a great success. The auditorium was packed. After paying for snacks for the reception after the performance, we netted $75, which we gave to the Valley Hospital, meriting a short article in the paper the following week.

I have some old photos which I’ll try to scan or photograph … and of course the rave review from the Ridgewood News.
Thank you so much, Margaret. I remember babysitting for you and later for your baby brother Peter. We still used real safety pins on cloth diapers. Your house was always filled with music, and your parents were always so wonderful and inspiring to me.
You’re doing a great job of reviving our little neighborhood. Many thanks.
Beverly Benz Treuille
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Katie Knight’s Wedding in 1979

Were you there?  I actually don’t remember that I was there, but it must have been fun. Right now, in 2016,  I am going through Sam Silvers’ (Dad’s) 1979 scrapbook and there are treasures of photos.  Wedding was in Clifton?

Here we go!


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From Ken DeGruchy, brother of Cheryl. Other siblings?

I lived on Eastbrook Road at the foot of North road where the entrance to the “woods” is.  When we moved in in 1960 the woods was owned by old man Palero who ruled his wooded kingdom with an iron fist and he always scared us kids out the woods we so longed to play in.  Palero sold the property to the town a few years into the 1960’s as I recall and then we could enjoy the whole woods. 

The older kids (you guys in the class of 1960) used to go back there and do some kind of stuff which I do not know exactly what it was because they chased us little kids out when they went back in there.  Something about the term the “remainders” lingers as a distant memory.  My mom only sold that house this past Feb 2012.  What a great place to grown up.

Ken DeGruchy Jr.
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Random updates and newly found friends of Salem Ridge

Thank you to Brian Joondeph ( for finding this blog and making comment – wonderful!  In addition to the email I sent recently, Brian said (when I asked, “Yes, Arrow Lane and Wickham Way were steep, but which one was on what side?”  Brian said,

“Arrow Lane went up from E Saddle River Rd. To the top of the hill. Wickam Way went down the other side, to the East.  I remember how many times the Saddle River flooded with big rains. E Saddle River Rd would be under water. Terrible for those who lived along the river.

We moved to Eastbrook Rd from Beverly Rd (next to RHS) in 1964 so I missed you there Frank. I recall the family after you having a back yard swimming pool (unless it was next door to you). Those were few and far between in those days.  Yes I have three older brothers, all much older. 12-19 years older than me. I was a surprise/oops baby.

Potdevin, Jim (DOT)  -Was Brian’s Dad a pharmacist at Ridgewood Drug(?) at the corner of E. Ridgewood Ave and N. Maple? The name sounds familiar.  Answer, Brian?

From Frank Tramberelli:  –

Frank Tamberelli,, wrote back:  I also lived on Eastbrook Road directly behind the Bond family. The Huff’s were directly across the street. We lived there from 1958 until June 1963 when the family moved to “the country” (Wyckoff)! I remember many of the names but haven’t seen the faces in 50 years.

Tom Trobiano mentioned in the blog. Another good friend from back in the day. He lived on the other side of Saddle River, probably opposite Arrow Lane. He was a hockey player. Not a popular sport when we were kids, at least for kids to play. Speaking of skating, anyone remember Wed afternoon ice skating in Westwood? I think the group was called Gay Blades. Gives away our ages as that would be quite an un PC name these days…”

Hey, Frank, Gay Blades is in this blog…check out….

Barbara Knies Sell asked – please add Roger Hammond ( to your distribution list? Roger was in my class of 1960 so grew up in the neighborhood. He lived, I believe on Salem Lane, near my friend Debbie Anderson, who you may or may not have known. I think they tore down his old house to build Glen School. Anyway, Rog cares and knows a lot about the old neighborhood which I have forgotten.

From Pat Turnbull, wrote: Thank you all for keeping this going. It brings back a lot of good memories.

You’re welcome – and don’t forget the address of the blog,


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Baby-sitters! Sue Sitarsky, Jori Smith, Barbara Knies

Hello everyone, It’s been a while since I posted, but I notice that Susan Sitarsky Wheeler found the blog and commented on Obie Benz’s post about Mr. Sitarsky  and fond memories.  I remember that my Dad would always say that Mr. Sitarsky played football in college – did he?

Back to baby-sitters I remember Sue Sitarsky, Jori, Barbara Knies (who came to Maine with our family for three weeks to be my baby-sitter).  Who else baby-sat?  I baby-sat for the Glisches.  They lived in the new house next to the Samsons.  Does anyone remember them?  And, I baby-sat for the Dalton’s grandchildren.  Lately, my mother, Janet, has tried to find Penny Dalton and there was another sister.  Is anyone in contact with them?

Here is what Sue Sitarsky wrote:

I have no idea how I stumbled on this website. What a pleasant surprise. I have wonderful memories of growing up in Salem Ridge. I think Barbara Knies, Doug Mayer, Gail Bulkley and I were the oldest of the kids, from the early years. When I first moved in, we used to play in the woods all the time. Then I quickly grew into the teen years. I remember going to proms and having little kids in the neighborhood come over to watch me go out. It made me feel like a princess. I also remember that on Saturdays, the neighborhood kids would come over to help my Father with his yard work. He was a kind man and the kids loved being with him. I went through an amazing transition one summer. My husband, baby and I came home to live with my parents. I went from being one of the kids to being one of the Mothers. All of the women in the neighborhood accepted me as an adult. They had me over to their homes for lunch, shared recipes and child raising advice and treated me with respect. Wonderful women. I especially remember Mrs. Stanley-Brown. Mrs. Silvers and Mrs. Biggi and Mrs. Henkler. Mr. and Mrs. Richardson lived on the corner of Roslyn and Westgate. They were a lovely couple and he taught me that birch trees were considered the ladies of the forrest. I’ve never forgotten that.

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Pruneface Prescott

[this was in my drafts pile……from two years ago!]

In earlier e-mails, I had reminisced about Pruneface and her philosophy of playing kickball and all team games “social”.  Social meant that every team member got “up” to bat once and only once.  It really reduced competition, and it helped avoid blow-outs.  Perhaps she was ahead of her time?  She would be in step with today’s schools and sporting events (everyone gets a trophy, etc.)

Hanko Hanko (Henckler) offered this outrageous story!  Hank, I hope your mother called and explained about this one!!!

From Hanko Hanko – Here’s a great story regarding Mrs. Prescott. In 4th or 5th grade, (I had her in both), during the Christmas season it was customary to give the teacher a present. My Mom and I decided on a linen scarf. We wrapped it in a box which was similar in size and shape as the Bra and Panty set my Mom got for my cousin. The gifts were given to their recipients, and come Christmas day,you can imagine our surprise when my cousin opened her gift and it was a linen scarf. …oops.    Hank

And, I remember how we couldn’t stop laughing when Tommy Chicino signed out to use the boy’s room  ~ we had to sign out and post our initials of the blackboard.  Tommy signed, T.C. (Top Cat)  .  We tried so hard not to  laugh, we all burst out laughing.  Mrs. Prescott was livid!

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Miss Nash – in Florida

Miss Nash, Margaret Silvers Myatt, Janet Silvers, and Dora in Florida, December 2011.  Click on image for larger view.

I sat down over the weekend with my Christmas card list from last year. I realized I hadn’t heard from Dessie Meyers in a few years so I googled her. I was very saddened to learn of her death. She was 94!

They lived–not right next door to us–but the next house–on Westbrook Road. I believe it was always yellow with a sloped driveway like ours was. Just not quite as steep. I’ve been trying to remember which houses were there when we moved into our house.

In 1949, we were living in an apartment in NYC. Each weekend we would go to open houses in northern NJ, Long Island–commuting distance to NYC where my dad worked for Met Life. I well remember the day FINALLY–you know how it feels as a kid to be loaded in a car every weekend and carted off to look at houses. B-o-r-i-n-g!!! The model home was the Bulkley house at the corner of Norgate and Westbrook Road. My parents chose the property because of the backyard and a stand of beautiful white birch trees at the top of the (later) rock garden.

We built the exact same house of the model home at 650 Westbrook Road. There was no road–just dirt. I had to wear galoshes to school, walking through the mud. I was so embarrassed, teachers looked perplexed! I wonder how they ever got a moving van in there!

We went to our home site every weekend while the house was being built. I remember my parents meeting Dessie on one of those visits. I can’t remember if they were already living there or not. I think they were also building their home but that’s just a guess. It was a long friendship. My parents and Dessie and Charles played bridge pretty much every Saturday night.

The first family I remember in the Silvers house was the Gresses. Sue Sitarsky and I played with Bonnie Gress. She was sweet. Do you buy the house from them?

I called Chas Myers today. He is a real font of knowledge about early Salem Ridge history. Wow! His memory is so so much better than mine. But his memories triggered lots of my own. He remembered that Westbrook Road (our end of it) plus Roslyn Road were unpaved for years. He rode his bike a lot and the gravel was awful on his tires. That’s how I remember it–that it was years–but hard to tell just how long it really was.

Did you know that right after our parents built their homes the builder went bankrupt? So lots of Salem Ridge homes sat unfinished. Too many workers went to Korea.

My parents moved into their home December 15, 1950. His parents moved into their home in January 1951. He remembers they were invited to our home before Christmas. A Christmas tree was up and fire in the fireplace. They thought it was so nice. Thus began a very long friendship!

Chas could go up street after street and name all the families!!! Incredible. I’m feeling really senile!

Oh and he babysat for you too, Margaret! He said Sue Sitarsky did all the hard work, feeding and bathing you guys, then called him to just come and sit! He, too, remembers it as a great babysitting job! You know how it takes a village ……………..

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